Covid 19

Please check back often for updated information.

Dear Church Family,

We have continued to keep a close eye on the developing COVID-19 story and have spent a great deal of time discussing our plans with our team. The recommendations from the Iowa Department of Public Health are recommending the cancellation of gatherings more than 10.

I’d like to encourage us all to share the hope we have in Christ to our neighborhoods during this time. Let’s take time to pray for and check in on our neighbors. I suspect that there will be many opportunities to help serve those who are most at risk and to help care for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our community as the impacts of this outbreak are felt and experienced. Let’s continue to point others to our Sovereign Lord and the hope that only He can provide.

If you have questions, concerns, thoughts or ideas as we navigate our response to this situation, email . Your feedback truly matters to us.

Pastor John