Welcome!  We wish to extend to you our warm, Christian greetings!  Thank you for your interest in our church.

The single, greatest theme that propels First Baptist Church is this: that everyone would ‘find Christ supreme in all things.’  Jesus didn’t come, die, and arise from the dead just to make a great story, though it is the greatest event in history.  He came to glorify God the Father and accomplish His work in providing full and free deliverance from our sins, occupy every area of our lives and give us a rare, fully-satisfying kind of joy both now and forever.

Our mission, then, is to declare Christ’s supremacy in everything we do: in our personal, spiritual relationship with God, in our friends and family relationships, in our efforts to rescue the spiritually lost and dying, in our weekly teaching, preaching, and Bible studies, and so much more.  Yes, in everything we do, we wish to show others Christ reigns supremely in our lives.

If you have any questions about who we are and what we are doing, please do not hesitate to ask. Or, if you are experiencing hardships of any kind, we will delight in working with you to meet your need.

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