On January 14, 2016  the church membership voted to call
Jared and Angela Cline as our pastor and wife.

From the left: Judah, April, Angela, Jared, Asher, Chloe & Brody.


From The Pastor

Hello and welcome from First Baptist Church in Vinton Iowa! Home of the Iowa School of the Blind and City of Lights! A little about myself: My name is Jared Cline and I am the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church here in Vinton. I am married to one, Angela Cline, mother of my children, bride of my youth and my lily among the thorns. We were married January 3rd 2004 and have had 7 children together. I graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, and had the privilege of serving Assistant to the Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in St. Charles Iowa for 5 wonderful years. I was recently humbled and honored by the vote of the congregation at First Baptist Church to be their Pastor January 14th 2016. My wife and I live with our 6 remaining Children, surrounded by the calm nostalgia of the small town American dream.

I believe that the most important thing any person can do in their lifetime is to seek God for who He really is, and not who they want Him to be. This can only be done if God tells us who He is, which is what the Bible is all about! My prayer is that God will change our desires so that we desire Him above all else, resulting in a changed personal life, relational life, community life and civil life. JUST THINK OF IT! What would our wonderful town look like if every person was seeking after God? It would look BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL, HOPEFUL and GOD-HONORING, SACRIFICIAL and UPLIFTING; Vinton would be everything we dream and probably more!

Some of my favorite pass-times are reading books on science fiction, philosophy and theology, watching Science Fiction and Fantasy with my kids, composing music, enjoying a cup a coffee, and on occasion, roasting my own coffee at home. I am currently working on completing my Masters of Divinity at Faith Baptist Seminary, and hope one day to pursue a Doctorate in Ministry. My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”. The Lord has brought our family through some difficult times, and I know that He can do the same for our local Vinton-ites as well!